Gas turbine trips off in less than 1 minute from start-up: can this be fixed in the control room?

Our company purchased replacement liquid fuel valves for Ruston TB5000. When these valves were installed, the turbine trips off around 56th & 57th second. We compared the performance of the old and replacement valves thru a probe temp. vs. time chart. There's a huge temp. difference between the old and replacement valves approaching the 60th second.
Is there a chance to fix this issue in the control room? Or any other thoughts how to fix this?


2 days and no responses. I'm not a turbine guy, so I'll throw in some generic valve observations.

Are the fuel valves proportional, modulating valves?

If so, and this were a generic control issue, I'd suspect that
- the actuator/valve linkage is not adjusted properly
- the valve trim 'characteristic' (Linear/equal percentage/fast opening) is not the same for the replacement as the original
- a valve positioner's response to its input signal, or its characteristic curve does not match that of the original
- inlet pressure has changed
- upstream flow restriction (clogged filter)

Some control systems might allow for programming an alternative characterization curve for the demand output signal, but whether yours does or not, I don't know.

What were the reasons that lead to the replacement of the valves in the first place?