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We are required to interface with a C-H energy management system. The customer wants to keep track of the amount of gas that various ovens use
over their baking cycles. The requirement is to accurately keep track of the gas use during the
cooking cycle. The amount of gas flow can be from zero (0) to about 5000 cfh over various pressures and pipe sizes. The ideal output would be a pulse every cubic ft. or something similar.
Any ideas or suggestions of suppliers of gas meters would be appreciated.

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You are working with relatively small volumes and I assume at low pressure. For this sort of application I would recommend a positive displacement diaphragm type gas meter from the American Meter Company. These units, which are used in most commercial and residential applications up to 11,000 scfh, have working pressures to 100 psi (7 bar) and are better than =B10.5% accurate over a 100:1 range. Pulse generators are commonly added to the register to provide a 'per-cubic-foot' signal.


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