Gateway for communication between TeSys and Ethernet TCP/IP??


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Dear all,

I am configuring for a system that has about 300 Tesys T. All Tesys T must be connected to TCP/IP network and PLC will collect data of Tesys T via TCP/IP network.

Of couse I have to use gateway, but I need your recommendation that what kind of gateway should be used. And for redundancy purpose can I use two gateways? Because higher network is redundancy one of TCP/IP.
We will need to know what type of Tesys T you are using? AFAIK, Schneider has realeased Tesys T in Profibus and Devicenet flavours. (well in Australia we have only got these two).

Daniel Barstz

The best choice is to use Tesysport from Schneider Electric which has been developed especially for the Tesys range. Next time you can buy Tesys T with built-in Modbus/TCP and you wan't need a gateway.