gateway to convert Modbus RTU to Profibus DP

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ECG Freddy del Toro Leyva

Hello listeros,

I need a gateway that converts from Modbus RTU to Profibus DP...

Where I can find it?

greetings in advance

John Fitzgerald

Hi Freddy,

Your options are few, I found Prolinx Communications Gateways Inc do a device.
The unit is a 4104 and they are a Schnieder Alliance partner. Please pass on any additional sucsess you may have.

You should have a look at They have the exact device you're looking for. They have a slave Profibus DP module and a master Profibus DP module.

The Profibus DP modules are gateways for:

Profibus DP Master <---> Modbus RTU,DNP,DF1,etc.
Profibus DP Slave <---> Modbus RTU,DNP,DF1,etc.

Hope this helps.
a siemens s7...-2dp plc could act as gateway, using a cp341 or -441 with loadable modbus driver, either master or slave. profibus on one of the dp ports