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Can anybody tell me the difference between GE CIMPLICITY Plant Edition's Base system and ProServer system? Is Redundancy, Messenger, Recipe or SPC included in either?

Thank you in advance for your help!
Pro Server is a bundled package of Cimplicity. It has several of the options you might normaly want to buy. It includes the following options:
· Action Calendar
· CIMPLICITY SQL – Single Client License
· Marquee
· Recipes
· Report Manager Lite
· System Sentry
· WebViewer – Single License

It includes the follow Comms
· Allen-Bradley Communications
· Allen-Bradley DF1 Communications
· Allen-Bradley RF Antenna Communications
· Applicom Communications
· Flopro / Flonet Communications
· Honeywell IPC620 Communications
· Johnson N2 Communications
· Modbus RTU Communications
· Modbus TCP/IP Communications
· Mitsubishi A-Series Serial
· Mitsubishi TCP/IP Communications
· OMRON Host Link Communications
· OMRON TCP/IP Communications
· Seriplex Bus Communications
· Sharp TCP/IP Communications
· Siemens TI Communications
· Smarteye™ Communications
· SquareD SyMax Communications
· Toyopuc TCP/IP Communications