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Hi all,

I'm a big fan of this site and especially CSA is mindblowing with his exceptional knowledge in power systems and automation.

My question is simple; the site I am working has GE frame 9E machines which was commissioned in 2016. Start of commissioning the HMIs were loaded with Control st v 4.07.06 with all the program (.tcw file). Later it was upgraded to 5.04.1 by GE during commissioning. GTs are up and running. But we have one system with same version of control st v 4.07.06 which is isolated from the network, and the (.tcw) file is older version (before commissioning). How can we use the latest updated file which was updated/upgraded during commissioning to 5.04.1 version in the older system?

Thanks everyone for your support.
You can't directly use files written in a later version of ToolboxST in an older version, unfortunately. Depending on what you want to do, however, there is one loophole that may help--copy paste. If you have both versions of ToolboxST installed, you can copy-paste from the newer version into the older version, at least for many things like Programs and Libraries and anything in a data grid. There are no guarantees--there might be new properties in the later versions or unexpected errors.

Personally though, I'd get the remaining V4.7 system upgraded to V5.4 if I could. It sounds like an oversight that it was not also upgraded during commissioning, and other than licensing (the USB dongle changed between V4 and V5) I can't think of a good reason to keep V4.7 around.
You can not downgrade the version of toolbox to fit an older system. In short I would not change your running system and would bring the offline/separate system up to speed. You should get all of your systems on the same version of 5.04.

It is not too tough to do, depending on your system. Shoot me an email at [email protected], and I can help you walk through it in more detail, or point you to some knowledgeable resources who can help you do it cheaply.