GE-EGD Unicast and GE-EGD Multicast


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Can some one please point me in the right direction with regard to understanding the difference between GE-EGD Unicast and GE-EGD Multicast.

It would be nice to get a web site link to some literature on the above.

EGD - Ethernet Global Data -- uses User Datagram Protocol (UDP) to send data from a Producer to one or more consumers. If there is one-and-only-one consumer, the data is sent "unicast". If there will be more than one consumer, the data must be sent "multicast". Multicast addressing uses a range of predefined Class D addresses: -, but there are mechanisms for changing these.

For additional information, look at manual GFK-1541b, on the GE Fanuc Tech Support Web site. Here's the link to all the 90-30 manuals,but note that this particular manual is for all GE Fanuc PLCs that support Ethernet: "": .

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