GE Fanuc 90-30 GNIU and IO carriers fault

We have a GE Fanuc 90-30 PLC for our water treatment plant. It consist of CPU 360 module as the CPU and few remote modules with Genius® Network Interface Units (GNIU) and IO modules. Recently we observed one remote module set #4 is not working with alarm "PLC SBA4 FAULT" in the HMI. It was observed during the inspection that, some of the IO carriers and the GNIU have cracked and broken the outer plastic covers. The terminals of the internal board have short circuited with the DIN rail. When we isolated the modeules from the DIN rail and powered it up, all IO modules get powered up with "OK" LED, but GNIU shows amber colour in "I/O ENBL" LED. In the manual, it says "This bicolor LED is green if the I/O scan is enabled and data is being received from the bus. Otherwise, this LED is amber." Now we have ordered IO carriers and GNIU for the replacement.

1. Until the items received, do we have anything to try?
2. Can replacement of this modules solve the problem?
3. Is it needed to do the configuration after replacement?

Product revesions are:
IO Carrier - IC200CHS022-J