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Vernon Rocco

I frequently use the GE Fanuc Programable Coprocessor module to control various external devices via a serial link. My latest project involves getting the PCM to communicate with an intercom system. While I've done this with a number of intercom systems, I am using a new one for which I have not yet written a communications driver (I normally do that in C). Before I re-invent the wheel, I wonder if anyone has used a Dukane Starcall system, and successfully controlled it via RS232.


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Jerry Miille

The Miille Applied Research Co. Omnii-Comm has a Dukane interface. It was used to connect to a Dukane MACS II intercom and paging system. If the
protocol is the same for the starcall system this would allow you to connect the units with no programing.

The URL is

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