GE Fanuc Frameworx?


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I work in France and only a few industries use softplc. I tried Frameworx fxview/fxcontrol . What do you know about this product? I need Modbus communication and Interbus for my application. Do you recommend me other products? Thanks

Peter Whalley

Eric, Particularly because you work in France, you could have a look at ISaGraf from CJ International. Although they are now owned by Altersys ( the original developers are French so you should get good support (unless they have all gone after the take over). ISaGraph talks Modbus as standard both via RS485 and over IP/Ethernet. It also runs under WinNT and Linux as well as other OS and the run time source code is published so you can hack it if needed. Hope this helps. Regards Peter Whalley Managing Director Magenta Communications Pty Ltd 121 King Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000 Australia. e-mail: [email protected]

Terry Miller

FYI. The entire CJ-International group-sales, marketing, support, and development has remained intact. All AlterSys products-ISaGRAF, Virgo, and HiBeam web enabled automation are supported by the former CJ organization. They are now know as AlterSys Europe. Additional Offices have also opened in the U.K. and Germany
Eric, I've used the Frameworx software. I used their AB driver but I do know they have support for Modicon I/O. I looked at a couple before settling on the GE Fanuc one. To some extent it's a choice between flowcharting (which many of the PC Control vendors use) and the standard IEC languages which I preferred to stick with. fxControl is the PC Control part and fxView is an MMI complete with logging, alarming, scripting etc. The integrateion between the two is excellent. I have no idea what their presence in Europe is though.
I have had good success with Paradym 31 (Intellution)and would HIGHLY recommend it. Good range of drivers available as well. I've never used the GE product but have every confidence it will be up to their usual standard.