GE-Fanuc Genius Modular Redundancy TMR


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amora fibrianto

Does anybody experience with GE-Fanuc Genius Modular Redundancy System....especially with their TMR capability ? I got 300 I/O that 25% will be catagorized as TMR I/O..... I want to know : the advantage and disadvantage ... of using GMR as my TMR..... If I compare it with specifically designed TMR system (ABB August, Triconnex, HIMA etc etc) What is my special consideration on the system ? Does anybody familier with how to manipulated single transmitter to be fitted to a TMR I/O Module ? Regards Amora Fibrianto [email protected]
Amora, I am not familiar with GE, but have worked extensivel with Hima equipment. First, you will not gain any safety integrity by connecting a single transmitter to triplex inputs. It is accepted that the ratio of failures in safety loops is approx 35% in sensors, 15% in the PLC, and 50% in the output actuators. A dangerous failure of your single transmitter leaves your plant unprotected, regardless of the fact you have 3input channels. Your second point re. comparison of 2 out of 2, or 2 out of 3 systems can become complex. My own view, given the reliability achievable by todays 2 out of 2 systems e.g. HIMA, is that they are preferable. 2 out of 3 systems involve more hardware and therefore are generally less reliable. SIL3 loops are easily achievable with 2 out of 2 systems. The field equipment is what currently drives us towards 2 out of 3 systems. For example, on a recent SIL3 HIPP system, the highest integrity pressure transmitter we could source was SIL2 (Moore 345G). In order to maintain SIL3 with one transmitter failed, we had to adopt a 2 out of 3 architecture. Hope this helps in some way.