GE-Fanuc LM90 software - how to use with Printer Port

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Santhiraj -Futura Electronics Pvt. Ltd

Hello all:
GE-Fanuc Ladder logic s/w LM90 requires COMx port for communication with PLC from the host PC.
Is there any method to use parallel port for communication?

At present, we have a laptop that has only USB and parallel ports and no serial COM port.

Any help please?

Thanks in advance

Futura Electronics,

Alex Pavloff

Pick yourself up one of the USB devices that gives you a couple serial ports. If the GE software is Windows software, and GE wrote the software properly, the USB serial device should work just fine.

Steve Bailey

Either get yourself an older computer with COMx ports or get GE's VersaPro Software. Logicmaster 90 is a DOS application with patches to let it run under Windows, but it needs to communicate via the COM port or an Ethernet card (assuming you have the Ethernet version). There is no provision for it communicate out the parallel port. Your best bet is to get VersaPro. Whatever problems you are having with hardware and O/S compatibility with Logicmaster will only get worse.
dear sir
i need lm90 program software to install it in my plc & and explain how i install it in win3.11.