GE FANUC PLCs + third party switch gear

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Hello! I want to deploy a network based on GE FANUC PLCs, Genius I/Os and Siemens intelliegent switch gear (Profibus DP enabled). Does anyone have any experience of using third party products with GE in a similar configuration? For as much as I know, The Genius I/Os communicate with the PLC over Genius protocol. I guess this means that I will have to install additional hardware for profibus -DP communication with the switch gear? Clear skies! Omer Aziz
I believe GE has a profibus card for their Series 90-30 PLC - the Series 90-30 has a Genius card in it -- the 90-30 is a small, lower cost PLC model of theirs - you could then use it as a gateway from the GEnius I/O's to Profibus. For the record, i don't work for GE Fanuc nor represent them - i merely know a fair amount about their hardware. John Weber President Software Toolbox