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Dan Mc

I need to communicate with a GE Fanuc Series One Junior small plc that just came in on an old vibration welder. Can anyone tell what software and communication hardware I need and where I can purchase it? Thanks

Steve Bailey

The Series One Junior was a 'brick' version of the Series One. Both were made by Koyo. The Series
One Is still sold by Automation Direct as the DL305 line. I don't know if they continue to
support the S1 Jr, but they would be a good place to start your search.

Instead of investing much time and money in acquiring the hardware and software yourself, you may want to search for a local systems integrator capable of connecting to this old dog. For not too
much money, you could probably find somenone willing to come to your facility, upload the
program, and make a backup copy and printout for you. For a little more money, he'll probably
convert it to something more current.

Jay has pointed you in the right direction, though according to the DirectSOFT manual, DirectSOFT can be used with the Series One, but it also states that the IC609SJR-xxx is "not supported". I assume that the "SJR" in the part number reflects the Series One Junior? In any case, it would definitely be worth looking around the AutomationDirect website
"" or calling/e-mailing their tech support. The folks at A-D have earned a reputation of being VERY helpful ;o)


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Contact Qualitrol International 800.784.9385. They have the Series 1 software that talks to S1 Jr., S1, and S1 Plus. They also have the hardware you need (cables, converter, etc).