GE Fanuc TCPIP unsolicited communication


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I'm looking for a driver to collect data from my GE FANUC PLC on TCPIP using UNSOLICITED method.
I can find many OPC servers but they all do not have UNSOLICITED method of collecting data. I must use UNSOLICITED method. Any suggestion?


Does GE FANUC PLC communicate through modbus TCP/IP protocol?

If it's the case you can use OFS (OPC server from Schneider) which has an embedded Modbus server .
Write single and multiple registers are implemented into this server.

So from your PLC you have an acknowledgement of the request sent.

What are hoping to achieve by using the unsolicited method of collecting data? Faster updates over ethernet?

Mark Hensley

Dear S.Sivasekar

While we do have a normal solicited GE Ethernet driver we also have a driver for the GE Fanuc Ethernet Global Data protocol. This protocol is designed to recieve data in a multicast unsolicted form from 90-70 and certain 90-30 PLCs.

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Looking for OPC servers, look here.
Try softwaretoolbox's In-Gear32 GE TCP/IP active x control for the GE Fanuc PLC. We have used it and it works great and is easy to configure.


IN-GEAR32 is a family of ActiveX controls that replace traditional DDE I/O Servers for acquiring real-time data from (PLC´s) Programmable
Logic Controllers. Simply put, IN-GEAR controls allow any OLE/ActiveX container application to treat PLC register values as arrays of data.
Your applications can quickly copy blocks of data to or from a PLC with as little as one line of code!
You can Send COMMREQs from the PLC to the designated IP address of the PC & let the Driver Pick the data by scanning a predefined port as given by . The details can be obtained from SRTP protocol details,which has to be used for this
purpose.Or Else Cimplicity Can be used for the Same purpose. Configuring the point as Unsolicited
Regards. And Using CommReqs for sending the data