GE Fanuc Versamax ENIU and Cimplicity HMI

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I configured a GE Versamax I/O system using Versapro. It contains 4 MDL243 digital input modules and one EBI001 network interface unit. I'm now trying to setup a project in Cimplicity and use it as an HMI for data coming through the Versamax system.
Has anyone tried this? What protocol is to be used?
Use the Modbus TCP protocol to communicate between CIM HMI and the VersaMax ENIU. In VersaPro configuration for the ENIU, don't set any IP addresses for either Consumed Data or Produced Data. Just set the IP address for the ENIU itself. Use VersaPro to store your configuration to the ENIU over the network. The Remote I/O Configurator, which is part of VersaPro, can be used instead of the fully-featured VersaPro itself.

In CIM HMI use Modbus RTU-type addressing to select data in the ENIU; don't use the traditional GE Fanuc "%I", "%Q", "%R" or "%AI".

I've used CIM HMI to communicate over Modbus TCP to various GE Fanuc CPUs with a VersaMax Serial-to-Ethernet adapter (VMSE), but not to an ENIU. I've also used the CIMPLICITY Machine Edition 'View' component to communicate to the
ENIU. I just haven't tried CIM HMI to ENIU.

You're welcome to contact me off-list if you want to discuss this further.

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