GE Frame 9 gas turbine casing alignment monitoring system


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I am a controls and instrumentation engineer working in one of Malaysia's power plant. We have a GE Frame 9 gas turbine, that we would like to retrofit with a casing alignment monitoring system. We have a case in which the gas turbine's casing slipped prominently during the turbine operation, causing one of the turbine's bearing to rub against its housing. This incident caused our turbine's load to be limited to only 72 MW, in addition to the abnormal vibration detected. All other pertinent turbine operating parameters (e.g. compressor discharge pressure, exhaust gas temperature, turbine wheelhouse temperature) showed an otherwise normally operating machine, which should have generated about 90 MW.

During the turbine's major inspection (MI), we found abrasion marks in one of the bearing housing. Upon rectification and ensuring that the casing has been aligned properly, the turbine was recommissioned and successfully generated 92 MW.

This experience has prompted us to find a solution to monitor the turbine's casing alignment during its operation. In view of this, I am wondering if there are anybody out there who had similar experience before, and found a way of to work out a solution for this problem.

Thank you