GE FRAME 9E Turbine Compartment fans 88BT during high wind its changeover and turbine got trip due to timer less and 966

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How are you , wish all going great

As you know mark6e auxiliaries(88QB,88BT,88VG,88QV,88VL) changeover at every new startup of gas turbine.

If turbine continuously running operation mode without any interruptions ,normally we don;t swap/changeover auxiliaries but whether and ambient conditions effects stationary and rotary equipment which is standstill long duration.

we face trouble in turbine compartments fans 88BT during high wind, there is flow transmitter in turbine compartment duct ( 96AT-6a, 96AT-6b, 96AT-6c )
normally these transmitter flow 0.3PSI or above and there is 2/3 logic for trip .

during high wind these flow transmitter generates pre-alarm when flow reaches 0.2PSI ,below 0.2PSI if two transmitter detects another 88bt fan initiate for changeover but there is timer also if in 30 sec these flow transmitter not able to recover flow above 0.2psi turbine got trip on loss of flow compartment.

whats you recommendation , is safe if turbine long running we can swap the auxiliary after every 2 weeks or any duration you recommend .

Is any guidance for maintenance team for check frequently dampers and Actuators for check mechanically and electrically.

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normally for operator side during high wind , i told operator to start another 88BT manually to increase flow of these duct transmitter for minimize turbine trips.
Sounds to me that you need to relocate 96AT or make a modification so that gusty winds don't effect the system operation, simply, it looks like a bit of bad design, don't you think ??

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Sorry brother for late reply , yes I also think long time that’s must be modify it’s location , but what you think our instrument team can relocate or we have to inform GE regarding this issue .