GE Frame V Turbine - Diesel Engine Starts automatically


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Rahul P Sharma

We have a GE Frame V MS5001P machine... The machine had tripped due to some - yet unsolved - electrical problems.

While it was deemed necessary to run the machine till FSNL to attempt synchronization, it was reported by operators that the diesel engine started immediately after the Master Reset was executed in <I> station and all pre-start checks were made healthy....

They could not confirm whether the "Start" command was already actuated or the machine was in "Auto".... But they did emphasize that a "Start" command was not given. This happened twice last weekend.

My query is:
What signal from the Speedtronic usually starts the Diesel Engine??? I can then attempt to trace it backwards in the rungs to find out the cause of this strange behaviour.

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Bob Johnston

L4DE is the actual master start for the diesel, 4DS is for starting the starter motor. It looks like you still had a start signal on the machine and the L1X relay was still picked up, as soon as L14HR picked up at zero speed, the diesel tried to re-start.

Hope this helps you.