GE/Intellution FIX32 Allen Bradley Drivers


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mark gustafson

Does anyone have the 7.0 Drivers for GE Intellution's Fix32 to Allen-Bradley's RSLinx, File name "ABR_DRV7.EXE" I would love for somebody to email me a copy of the drivers. GE now owns Intellution, and to get tech support and downloads is now 3 hour hoop jumping extravaganza!

Not to mention you have to have a driver support license from Intellution which, last I checked, cost about 20,000 USD per year for our tag base. What you're asking someone to do may be considered a little unethical. The reason I say this is because we periodically received a updated driver CD from Intellution which would have this driver on it. And if we need something brand new, tech support will email any files we ask for to our specified company communication email address.

Not to crap on your request... but we have no way of knowing if you have a legal right to use the IP we would be sending you.