GE Mark V - HMI or <I> - Foxboro MB30 in MODBUS Multi-drop


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Won Chul Shin

GE <I> manual for MODBUS part explains only single-to-single connection, and GE Industrial Service told us their system doesn't support multi-drop link.
We're working on Cogen plant with GE Mark V and HMI (GE brand name) monitoring system. We planned to hook up one HMI and 3 or 4 other Modbus slave devices in a multi-drop Modbus link. But as mentioned in Summary, GE is saying that it's not supported, and I could not find any hard evidence that we can use RS-232/RS-485 converter and just put HMI in the multi-drop link.

As my understanding if you have any device can talk to Modbus protocol you can hook it up in the multidrop RS-485 communication link.

But I could not find any solid evidence in Modicon Modbus Protocol Reference Guide, PI-MBUS-300, Rev. J that my field proven experience is right.

If there is anybody who has experience with GE <I> station or HMI station with Modbus multidrop interface to DCS system, please let me have some advice and idea.


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Dean Kindrai

I don't have experience with that particular HMI, but I do have experience using MB in a multidrop mode. The issue I have seen is that many HMI's will not allow you to configure their respective drivers to have multiple addresses assigned to a single COM port.

One option - not the most economical, but it will work, is to switch the HMI to a Modbus Plus driver, install an SA-85 card in the PC, and run a piece of cable to a Modicon NW-BM85-000 Bridge Mux. The Bridge Mux supports multidrop Modbus, while the SA-85 driver will support multiple addresses mapped to a single driver.

Won Chul Shin

Thank you for your reply.

GE have two different kind of PC monitoring system for GE Mark V GTG control system. One is <I> station and the other is called "HMI". "HMI" is GE's brand name.

Tom Anderson

Did you find a solution to this? I am working on a project that requires monitoring two Mark V's and some PQM's on a single Modbus channel. We are
using Wonderware as the HMI (SCADA). My plan is to simply use an RS-232 to RS-485 converter, as you were thinking.

Your ideas or results would be appreciated.

Did you find a solution on how to interface four GE HMI to one foxboro MB30? I have the same situation and i would like to know if you have a solution.

Elvin Pagan

Magdi M. Abdel Halim

Foxboro has two main options to communicate with Mark-V :
1. Using DI30 (Device Integrator 30) with Mark-V protocol.
2. Using Mark-V protocol for AW70 via Ethernet.