GE Mark V turbine controllers


Anand krishnan Iyer

I believe that the <I> station provides RS232 communication on modbus protocol and there is a list of tags that can be read and written to bb1, bb2 etc. etc. refer <I> station manual.

Colin Walker

We had the problem of trying to interface MKV to Wonderware for data logging of trip events and plant problems. MKV only has Modbus, (slooooooow) and arcnet. We ended up logging the modbus data in Wonderware and logging high speed data on PCs setup as <I>s running View2T. I would not call this state of the art but it works quite well, (sort of).

If any one knows of an MKV arcnet protocol interface that will give OPC access, please let me know.

I believe that MK6 Speedtronics (NT OS) has better data access, especially if you use Cimplicity, (no surprises there).

Well thats my take,
regards Colin
I had check on Mark V and found that there are two interfaces available. There are Modbus Slave Station and a standard ethernet link. And is stated that a GE protocol is avaiable for use over the ethernet link.

Do you think the ethernet link will still as slow as you mean?

There are 3 interfaces available for GE MKV Speedtronics, Arcnet, Modbus and Ethernet. I forgot about the <G> processor ethernet option. We did concider this until GE gave us a price for the extra processor but it was an option.
Is anyone using a <G> processor?
Regards Colin
Do we need to do any configuration on the controller? Or we only need to connect via RS232 and run the Modbus software on our system?
Make sure which type of HMI you are using with your Mark V controller. It can be <I> with the IDOS or <HMI> windows based with Cimplicity and TCI as replacement to the IDOS. To set up Modbus on <HMI> refer to GEI-100517 document.

Connection can be made over arcnet, modbus or ethernet. Most <HMI> CPU have ethernet card already installed.

In essence you will have to edit the following files to get it working on <HMI>:

Matrikon indeed has a OPC Server for MarkV (

While it does speak GE Standard Messaging (GSM), it is not slow. It can easily update over a thousand points a second. Matrikon's driver also exposes alarms, events, and digital inputs as OPC DA items.

Future developments will provide an OPC A&E interface to display MarkV alarms. This is expected by the end of 2006.