GE MARK VI Cimplicity Alarm

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We're working in our GE MARK VI CIMPLICITY Alarm program on how to assign wav file audible alarm on each alarm/trip in our system. However, we can't hear the alarm goes off when the alarm/trip triggers. Also, the sound is too short. We would like to know how we can prolong the sounds until the operators acknowledge it. We hope you guys can help us.

Thank you!
I am out of town right now and do not have access to an HMI. I will provide alarm sound manager settings early next week. I prefer a speaker tone to a .wav file. much simpler.

If you have already tried the default tone setting in alarm sound manager, the problem is the default frequency is wrong. Try 3000 hertz.
Following a failure of the BB4 vibration sensor support in bearing 4 of an MS5002 Frame 5 turbine, we found that only the alarm was going up in the SOE and no information on the trip.Knowing that an alarm alone cannot cause a trip, we want to feed back the trip information by activating the
BB4 vibration in the SOE.

Remark:The machine is controlled by a Mark VIe

Do you have any suggestions?

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Based on your statements in your first post above, it’s not likely we will be able to help you do what you seem to be asking. SOEs are for logic signals only; alarms are logic signals. Vibration signals are analog signals and when the magnitude of an analog signal exceeds a value (high or low in some cases) then a logic signal is “set” which generates an alarm.

A property configured Mark* would be storing the values of vibration signals in the Trip Log or Trip History function for review and analysis. It’s NOT a great function but it’s what there is available in the Mark*.

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