GE Mark VIe PVIB 1X harmonic relative to key phasor

Machine Model ; Gas Turbine Frame 9E /Mark VIe

Recently upgraded vibration analysis from Bentley Nevarda 3300 rack to
Mark VIe PVIB cards.
Bearings radials (BVR) 1-4 are reading healthy wired to channels 1-8, X and Y.
Within toolbox tab "Vib 1-8" are reading there respective vibration figures in mils.

Under tab "gap 1-3 and 4-8 are reading gap in mils or tho measurement roughly around 50.0

key phasor has been wired into channel 13 under tab KPH this is reading a measurement in mils,
and when on TG u can see the signal pulse.

I have been requested to get the "Vib 1x 1-8" tab reading. this is the "magnitude of 1x harmonic relative to KPH"
currently the I/O line value is green and 0 and so is the live values.
I have attempted assigning and new variable "Vib 11x_X1" but so far have been unsuccessful in getting any readings
on the 1 times or 2 time,

any assistance would be much appreciated


Hi G James, when you look at the tabs for Gap 1-3 and Gap 4-8 there should be a column called VIB_Type4.
In that column there is a dropdown to select VIBPROX-KHP1. Is that was is selected in your application?1628205940049.png