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I need help on how to add a variable to the list of trender list. I want to get the historical trend for frequency of turbine.

I am using the GE Mark VIe trender. I can access live trend but the signal name 'GT.DF' is not part of the list of the trender signal list to access for historical trend. Need some help on how to add this signal to the list.

Thank you

Have you tried reading the Trend Recorder 'Help' files for this?

If you're trying to find past history on a signal which isn't in the list of signals being recorded, you can't. Trend Recorder doesn't record values for all signals by default.

You can scroll through the list of signals being recorded; each signal's display/valve can be enabled/disabled; are you sure the signal you're looking for isn't disabled?

There's usually a button along the toolbar at the bottom of Trend Recorder to add signals. I believe you can also check the Menu Bar selections at the top of the Trend Recorder window for a method to add signals (I even think just pressing the "+" key on the keyboard keypad (presuming the keyboard keypad is enabled with Num Lock ON) will pop up the window for adding a signal (it might even be a wizard to try to make it easier).

Finally, if you're recording turbine speed while the unit is on line, speed is directly proportional to generator frequency. (F = (P*N)/120)

So, TNH is directly proportional to percent of generator frequency. If TNH is 99.8% then generator frequency would be 50*0.998=49.9 Hz.

And, sometimes the Dxx signals (like DV) don't display after the generator breaker is closed--because when the generator breaker is closed generator terminal voltage is basically the same as "line voltage."
Thanks CSA, the simple calculation of speed being proportional to frequency will be helpful for my analysis for now.

Pressing the + button only adds enlisted signals in trender. I am going through some references, hopeful i will get the solution to update the list.