GE Modbus concentrator

I have a Modbus concentrator that has filed on a electrical service with Comment interfaces and MODBUS RTU interface. I am trying to replace the obsolete Modbus Concentrator with a device that will read the MODBUS RTU traffic from PGMII electrical controllers and send them via a RTA protocol gateway that will allow me to send the data collected to a BAS interface. Has anyone found a replacement for this concentrator or has any have a controller that they have used to integrate this. I believe that this Modbus concentrator is a Modbus master I have attached some pics for clarity
TMA. Too Many Acronymns.

No pictures showed up with your post, but photos of enclosures rarely define internal functionality. Sometimes brand model numbers help tell the story; links to manuals do, too.

I don't know what a 'Comment interface' is. Can you expand on that?

I'm not sure what you mean by a "Modbus concentrator" or an "RTA protocol gateway".

What you describe sounds like a host device that functions as a Modbus RTU master, programmed to poll multiple Modbus RTU slaves, in this case, PGMII electrical controllers.

Is BAS Building Automation System?

Is "RTA protocol" yet another proprietary protocol or is "RTA Protocol gateway" a gateway product from Real Time Automation? Or something else?

If it's a gateway product, then one side is Modbus RTU connected to the concentrator?
On the other side, what protocol is used to talk to the BAS side?
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