GE Series 1 PLC & TISOFT2

Yes, I think its v3.5.. But I think that you still need the 232 comm adapter, Automation Direct has it.. They also sell DirectSoft32 that will work with Series One Plus.. We have quite a few pieces of equipment in our plant that still have GE's in them so we decided to just buy everything that we would need. I HATE using the keypad editor. BTW, we found one GE that was acting weird occasionally, it turned out to be the keypad was a little loose and breaking contact with one of the pins.. FYI..

John Waalkes

Maybe the Series One Plus, but not the One (I suspect). There's a big difference between the two (although you couldn't tell from looking at the CPU card).

I'll email you a copy of the cable diagram (it didn't come out too well here).



John Paley--Graphic Pkg Corp

> Can you use TISOFT to program the old GE series 1 PLC's??? <


But they should be series one plus. The others take forever to download. The automationdirect software is really nice and reasonably priced. the printouts you get justify the cost, in my opinion.