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Mike Trombley

I have Versapro 2.00 and cannot connect to my GE 90-30 PLC. I recieve a timeout error everytime. I followed the comms setup from the help. Has anyone else had this problem. What should I do.
Are you are trying to connect from VersaPro 2.0 to the 90-30 using the serial programming port on the PLC? The first thing to determine is if you have the correct serial cable - usually the GE PLCs come with a correctly wired serial cable. If you don't have one you should be able to order one or build a cable, your manual should have the pin-out of the serial port. The second possible problem is that the communications parameters on the PC serial port do not match the setup on the PLC. If the PLC is brand-new it should use the default comm setting, if it is not, the prior owner may have changed the comm port settings. Certainly you can try changing the port setting until you run across the correct ones.

If you have a copy of GE Fanuc's CIMPLICITY HMI 5.0 or greater, it can autodetect the baud rate of the 90-30 serial port using the SNP protocol
you can then look at the port configuration in CIMPLICITY to extract the comm settings, plug those into versapro and go.

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rajesh kenge

hello mike

send me the communication setup done and also tell the protocol u r using is it snp or ethernet

i have used versapro with 90-30 versamax and versamicro plc and never faced such a problem

if u send me the details i think i can help u



James McQuaid

You don't say if you were previously connecting to this PLC with some other software, like LOGIC-MASTER. If so, you may have problem with the firmware version on the 90-30. Versapro has some trouble with older firmware in the 90-30. It may connect and then not be able to upload or download the logic. New firmware eproms fix this for about $100. Also, autoconnect is not very reliable, try 9600,odd 1 instead. Good luck