GE Series Six Modbus


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Paul Anderson

We have several GE Series SIX PLC with the ASCII Basci Module program for CA Slave protocol.
at present the CA protocol is causing problems and would like to rewrite the basic software for RTU modbus. Does any know of a RTU Slave program for the series six which can be modified to include the setr and setw routine already preconfigured for the CA protocol routine.


Jerry Miille

You may wish to consider the Miille Applied Research Omnii-Comm module
( This protocol converter supports both CA protocol and Modbus. Please contact me off list if you have any questions.


Jerry Miille
IN the past from 1982 through 1987 I taught different methods to make your own communications code, the ascii is very hard to codeIt,s "inkey" buffer is slow..

I don,t have any old GE manuals you might find to on-line somewhere.. Send me your code I try to help debug it..

James Berry

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