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Jett, Darin

Our VPU is dying a slow death and the Workmaster is the last resort for now.
Does anyone have software
for the Series Six that is compatible with a laptop?

Darin Jett
Electrical Controls Designer
Carbide/Graphite Group, Inc.

steve bailey

There is a serial port version of LM6 software. However, it requires a CCM module in the CPU rack for communications. You could also communicate through an IOCCM module, but that would require some lines of ladder logic to support the communication window.
Alternately, the parallel interface card in your Workmaster could be installed in a different computer as long as you have two full size ISA slots available. Obviously, this won't work for the laptop.

R A Peterson

The same software that runs on your warkmaster (its called logicmaster) is
also available in a serial version that can be used on laptops. if you don't
have a serial card in your series 6 rack you will need to get a ccm card of
some sort.


GE Series Six is now obsolete. GE Fanuc Automation manages the spares and
software for Series Six PLC.

Tanweer Ahmed

Keith Curtin

Series 6 programming software comes in two versions:

IC641PBE672 - Logicmaster 6 Serial Interface Version
No special PC add-in hardware required; probably runs in a laptop; you will
require a communication control module installed in the PLC; PLC must be in
STOP in order to perform program stores; online program changes not
supported; relatively slow updates for animating the ladder logic.

IC641PBE668 - Logicmaster 6 Parallel Interface Version (includes parallel
interface board and cable)
Requires a parallel interface board for your PC (ISA bus characteristic); won't
run in a laptop unless it supports ISA expansion; cable connects to the PLC's
I/O interface... no communication control module needed; PLC may be in RUN
or STOP when performing program stores; online program changes are
supported; MUCH faster than serial version.

Pierre Desrochers

>Does anyone have software
>for the Series Six that is compatible with a laptop?

You have only one choice of program an its GE's LM6PC serial version of the
workmaster programming software.

To connect with the serie Six you can either use a CCM card in the fifth
slot of the main CPU rack OR an
IOCCM card anywhere else but then you have to configure the CPU mapping to
include the communication between the CPU and this newer card.

When you do get the serial version of the software, be aware that you cannot
make any online changes except registers value or address. You cannot
modify the ladder.

You will not be able to connect higher than 9600bps. You will get a lot of
communication failure if you try a higher setting.

Its a DOS base program and its very stable and SLOW. The screen refresh
rate when you try to monitor will be about 10 seconds... forget about
monitoring ...

Hope this helps ...


Bart Schaminee

I confirm this! You are right!
The help is buying the LM6 version 4.10 software for serial communication
between S6 and a laptop.
This software should work under W95.
Keep in mind that this is a slow programming tool compared to the parallel
communication between a S6 an workmaster. There is no replacemant for a WSI
board for laptops.

Bart Schaminee
GE Fancu Eberle Automation.
GE Fanuc used to sell LogicMaster for Series-Six in a serial version that
would run on a laptop (it's a DOS program) and use the PC's serial port, but
you had to have a serial comm. card in the Series-Six to connect to.
Alternately they offered a WSI board that for a PC ISA slot that provided
the 37 pin parallel port to allow you to connect directly to the Series-Six
like a WorkMaster. If using the WSI board you needed the parallel version of
LogicMaster. Contact your local GE Fanuc supplier for more details.
Dave Hurd
GE Appliances
Louisville, KY