GE Steam Turbine Mark VIe HMI description

Good Day!

Can anybody provide me a manual of GE Steam Turbine Mark VIe HMI? I am looking for a manual that showcases the buttons on HMI, the functions, purposes etc. to understand more and control the turbine efficiently. I hope you can help me with this. Thank you!
can we get a few more details please, I have the attached manuals
Hi sir,

Thank you replying. I opened the file you attached. Can I request the following?
1. GEH-6721_Vol_I Mark Vie Control System Guide Vol I
2. GEH-6721_Vol_II Mark Vie Control System Guide Vol II
3. GEI-100600 MarkVIe Control System Product Description
4. GEI-100629 WorkstationST HMI Configuration

These files might give me the info I am looking for. I am looking for the descriptions/functions of the buttons/faceplates (e.g Program Device, Frequency Deadband, etc.) incorporated on Mark VIe TCS HMI

Thank you Sir