Gefanucs Versamicro High speed counter I/p


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I am using GE fanucs Versa micro. The s/w for programming is versapro1.11. The HSC i/p is wired to encoder which is giving angle f/b.

The problem i am facing is when the m/c is stopped
in between and the PLC power is recycled the HSC i/p counts get reset to zero, ie, the counter is not eetentive can any body help to come out of this problem. is it possible with the help of commreq instruction. Pls. help



Alan Rimmington

I am not familiar with the GE software/hardware, however if the problem can not be fixed directly you could try moving the counter value to a non-volatile register every scan, although this will not capture the true value during movement I assume that on power loss motion stops before the PLC shuts down therefore the last position will be stored, this can then be written to the counter at power-up. You would be better running to a known datum after a power failure, you could even use the counter to measure the distance to the datum, therefore the machine can be run back to the position it was in at power failure.