Generator Parallel with Grid

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Rakesh Jaganiya

My problem is my company has 18 MW generator. Whenever we run our generator isolate with Grid at that time we seems balance current on Generator breaker as well as other out going breakers but whenever we run our generator parallel with grid at that time we seems significant unbalance current in Y phase in tie feeder which ties our system with GRID as well as GRID incomer breaker and load feeders (out going feeder) and whenever we isolate with grid at we seems balance currents in our generator breaker, GRID incomer as well as all outgoing breakers.

Some people has suggested us whenever we run our system parallel with GRID at that only one generator neutral should be earthed. IS it correct? They told us that the unbalance in currents because of neutral problem only.

Hope you will help me in this matter..

rakesh Jaganiya
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