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Steven Landau

Has anybody been able to load and run Genesis for Dos in a Dos Box on NT or Win98?

Has anybody tried using PCanywhere for Dos, or Carbon Copy for Dos with Genesis for Dos?

I am looking for a remote access solution without changing the MMI?

S. Landau
I Can not comment on Genesis as I do not know the program but we had problems running an OLD DOS Legacy RS232 Comms program under Windows NT4.
(it only works with Windows NT )
We found this third Party Kernel Driver for Windows NT4
This is the Shareware Trial Version.
Registration is $30 U.S Dollars
The web address for this third party driver is
Sounds like you've got exactly the same problem I had, remote control/remote access.

I played with PCAnywhere for a lengthy time before I stumbled across VNC (Virtual Network Computing).

VNC was initially written by ATT for internal use, and has subsequently been released to the public as open source. It is EXTREMELY powerful, operates on ALL OS's and most importantly is FREE

I'm currently using it on my NT/9X boxes but I'm told it will operate equally well on the MAC, UNIX, LINUX and possibly DOS. It operates via direct dial-up connection, or over the net via java class objects,,,,, and,,,,, it's very small.

I'd suggest everyone download it and give it a try.

For information on VNC visit their home page at .........

Good Luck

Mark Hill - President, Intelligent SCADA Solutions
[email protected]

E. Rodriguez

Hello Mr. Landau, recently I developed an application with Genesis for Dos, and I was trying to run Genesis on Windows but it was imposible, I did several test with no results. What I did was create another hard diak partition and run Genesis on this non-windows partition. If you want a remote access solution you have to
consider a Dos-based software. And if someone knows how to run it on Windows, I'd be glad to.

E. Rodriguez

Steven Landau

Were you able to run DOS based remote access software on the PC while it was running genesis dos? PCanywhere, carbon copy, or others?

S. Landau