Genius I/O - Modbus Plus Bridge


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Jeff H.

Looking for proven bridge solutions with off-the-shelf hardware. Modbus Plus (Twisted pair) or Modbus TCP/IP preferred.
I have done some test by using a Quantum I/O scanner 140NOE77100 through a bridge Modbus to TCP/IP Modbus and through a Genius Gateway. It's a lot of hardware but it works. Luc Richard Inside Tech. Support Schneider Electric Automation Group

Rob Entzinger Schneider Automation

The Quantum has an ethernet module for the Quantum - 140NOE771x0 x depending on what functionality you want. 10/100BaseT/FL ModTCP (port502) default on module. OR you can purchase a 174CEV20030 MB+ to ethernet bridge from Schneider. Just supply power and configure addressing. Rob E.
Can you send more details? Distances number of units(I/O point count)? Are your Genius I/O modules ready to accept Modbus or is this part of the conversion that you need?