German Ball Valves With Pneu. Actuators in sulphur service

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Instrument (andheri)

I am trying to trace the contact numbers (Telephone/ facsimile) or email address of a German supplier of Ball Valves with pneumatic actuators. The name I have been given is,

In der Buttergass 1
99438 Weimar- Lengenfeld

These valves are for molten sulphur service. If any body has used any other type of valve in such a service, I would appreciate knowing about it. I do hope somebody can help me out.


K. Anantaraman

Matthew da Silva

Dear Anantaraman--
Sorry to say can't find that company on the Net. I've found just about every other valve manufacturer in Europe and the U.S. so I feel qualified. That location is in Thuringen, which is part of the old East Germany. Dresden, a major industrial center, is close by and there would be a good standard of manufacturing required for
severe-service valves.

I found a magazine in which you may have an interest. You can read it at A PDF download -- written by a Mr. Henry Gaines, Jr., PE -- may give you some clues or you can contact him through the magazine or through Valve World. Valve World's home page is located at (my Japanese keyboard does not support tildes, so please don't forget to put it into that address...)

My company's affiliate in the U.S., YCV Corporation, is handling our severe-service (high-temp., high-pressure) ball-valve division (Cornerstone Valve) and you can talk to Ryuichi Honda at [email protected] if you want. Other manufacturers who possibly would have valves you can use are listed below:

Cooper-Cameron (global)
Werner Hartmann (Hannover, Germany)
Flow Control Technologies (Genoyer Group, southern France)
Final Control Elements (Houston, TX)
Douglas Chero (northern Italy)
Perar SpA (northern Italy)
Mogas (Houston, TX)
Cambrian Valves (Wales)
Merwede (Netherlands)
Galperti SpA (Como, Italy)
SRI SA (Marseilles, France)
Icarus (Belgium)
Dublock (Scotland)
Raimondi (Tyco Group, Milan Italy)
Leeds Valve (U.K.)
Jarecki (Pennsylvania)
Tormene (near Venice, Italy)
Red Point Alloys BV (Netherlands)
Xomox (global)
YCV Cornerstone (Phoenix, AZ)

There are no doubt more than this, and some may have manufacturing in India (near your plant). Let me know if you need more help. I can dig up
URLs if you think that'll speed your approach.

Matthew da Silva
Yamatake Corporation

Mukesh Mehrishi

Is it NACE valves. good quality of Ball Valves are also manufactured in India also. German valves are most expensive you can try actuator from Remote Control, Sweden which is regular supplier to ONGC and Ball Valve from so many indian companies AUDCO, BDK, FLOWCHEM,VIRGO ETC.
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