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I want to get data from ABB's DCS--Procontrol P using a Personal computer,what should I do?
Depends on what type of Procontrol P you have.

For P14, you need a 87TS01 module and ABB proprietary software For P13, you need a BK03 module and (different) ABB proprietary software

It's not so easy!

I have a same question regarding that . I have I/O cards that falls under the Procontrol P14 category namely 81EB10/R1 and 81EB10/R2 . Both of these cards export the data on a I/O bus (9pin) to the processor . Theoritically it is a simple data logging process . The processor sends the address and the card sends the data . It is mentioned in the manual of these cards , which includes little information , that the bus standard is SEA . I have not heard of such a standard . what I want to do is to connect a PC terminal to the bus and disconnect the residing Processor which s defectve . Will I be able to do it using an 87TS01 module . Unfortunately I have no information about this module so I would appreciate any advice . alik
I have more or less the same problem with an ABB Procontrol P42/P13 and a Praut system used for monitoring which is connected to the procontrol through an interface box. I wonder about the type of protocol used by those two systems. I would like as NYG to get data from the procontrol using wether the procontrol bus or the praut bus. If you have any idea ???
> I want to get data from ABB's DCS--Procontrol P using a Personal computer,what should I do? > sincerely,NYG. We have executed four projects for getting data out of the PROCONTROL P13/42. Our solution includes both connection the Intra Plant Bus and also through a serial interface port and bringing these data to a one or more personal computers. The projects had been done for the USA and Mexican market. If you are interested contact us in the following e-mail: [email protected]

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I was one of the persons involved in development and implementation of a similar system.

Well what you need is a connectivity to P13/42 bus. I guess you are talking about Procontrol P13 system and not P14.

As is the case always, you need an interface card that would reside in your PC and here somes the tougher part, the driver for this interface card.

ABB as a standard has these card and software. Also it has an operator station called Advat Station 160 Operator Station (AS160 OS) that can communicate with the P13 system.

It will require quite some enginering effort to get all the data and also be able to control the process from there.

You can contact me if you need further detais.

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It is quite interesting to see that you could get data from the Intra Plant Bus (IPB).

Can you please provide some further details as to whether yuo used any interface card in the PC or connected it to the serial/ parallel ports.

How many stations did you have? Did you need to shutdown the system for connections? Could you only use it as a data acquision system or as an operator station wherein you could give commands to the drives too.

Also if you can tell where did you make the connections to the IPB? My guess would be at the FK02 sitting in the FA02 module.

I will really appreciate you reply on the net or to me by mail.
We have a requirement to "emulate" the P42.exe IO Driver on Windows NT4 for a power staion training simulator. The AdvaPlant 160 PIMS is based on FIX32 OEM-ed by ABB.

The plant simulator exposes the I/O via an OPC DA Server. We have two services:
(1) SERVICE_1 on the Simulator PC that is an OPC Client and then communicates via TCP/IP to read/write updates into SERVICE_2
(2) SERVICE_2 communicates with SERVICE_1 via TCP/IP but then reads/writes into Fix32 database via EDA library calls.It is resident on the as160 Process Station. Currently we put all P42 tags into manual and update them via eda toolkit calls.

We would really like to:
(a) get access to the P42.exe source code and change it to not use hardware but commincate via TCP/IP as per SERVICE_2.
(2) get access to the old Fix32 I/O Driver toolkit that was used to develop P42.exe and we will write our own driver.