Getting Data from Cimplicity using VB


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I am using VB to collect realtime data from Cimplicity. Anyone has any idea on the VB code to do this, please help.

Understand that using Shell "cwserv.exe|value.value" is a possible solution, but I can't get it to work. Please correct if the above code is wrong.

I'd suggest using Cimplicity's OPC server.
It comes with an Excel demonstration, should be piece of cake to port to VB
from VBA.
I think using the OPC Server is the most robust approach and as indicated comes with an Excel VBA program to get data.

The cwserv you talk about is a DDE Server that can provide CIMPLICITY point data to a DDE Client. To use this you would probably have to shell it off to start it and then use the DDE commands in VB to talk to it.

DDE is the old way of getting data out of an HMI, OPC is the new way. In general I believe you'll be much happier using the OPC interface.

Dennis McHenney

Use event manager and VB script action to append data to a structured flat *.csv file upon trigger event. I use this all the time to collect test results at EOT. Even determines if file needs created and adds a legend header at top, new one every day at midnight ( file name has model # and date )