Getting data to PLC via Circuit Monitor and Modbus

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I need to communicate from a Quantum PLC to a Circuit Monitor 4000 via ethernet and from the circuit monitor to other devices via Modbus.

Question is how can I do this in order to get data from the devices attached to the CM 4000 into my PLC?
What Ethernet Module do you have installed in the TSX Quantum PLC ? (Part Number: 140NOE771xx)

What Ethernet Adapter do you have installed in the PowerLogic CM4000? (Part Number: EGXxx)

What programming package are you using (Concept Modsoft or ProWORX NxT)?

On the PowerLogic CM4000 there is an additional serial port that can be configured to communiate to a Modbus device. Depending on the Modbus Address of the device you would use the following in your TSX Quantum application. Index 1 --- CM4000 Data Index 2 --- Modbus Device 2 Index 3 --- Modbus Device 3

Depending on the Ethernet Moddule installed you will have the following options:

1. I/O Scanner Communication
2. MSTR Communication (Modsoft, ProWORX NxT)
3. IEC Communication Function Blocks (Concept)

Robert Willis
Square D Company
Houston, Texas