Getting display parameters from Sullair Supervisor

I have a controller that I've programmed that retrieves data from a Sullair Supervisor controller using RS485.
When looking at the Sullair Supervisor docs, I'm seeing that in order to query all of the display parameters, I need to send consecutive requests (to simulate scrolling through the display messages).
So I query 10 times consecutively , just to be absolutley sure I'm getting everything. But somehow on some cycles I'm still missing some data, which causes my controller to think that an alarms was turned off, only to reappear on the next cycle.

My question is - is there any time delay I should put between requests ? or maybe the opposite-the requests should be very rapid ?
Maybe there's a way to query alarms without using the display ?
Is there anything else I'm missing ?

ICC's gateway products support the Sullair Sequencing protocol used by the Sullair Supervisors. This is Sullair's recommended solution for interfacing their products to third-party controllers.

The Mirius gateway can convert the Sullair Sequencing protocol to other serial protocols, such as Modbus RTU, BACnet MS/TP, and more.

The ETH-1000 gateway can convert the Sullair Sequencing protocol to Ethernet protocols, such as Modbus/TCP, BACnet/IP, PROFINET IO, EtherNet/IP, and more.

Details on the driver used by these gateways and available parameters can be found here: Master.pdf