Getting first out print out on the RSView32 software


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Mihir Ramkrishna

Is it possible to get first out print out on the RSView 32 software?

The time logging should be in milliseconds and not in seconds. I have tried it but am unable to generate in milliseconds. I feel same can be done writing a Macro or VB Program. I have generated VB program for clock indicating the system time in milliseconds. If somebody can explain how to link this VB program to the alarms being generated and time stamp them with the milliseconds time, I will be highly grateful.
My experience would be no. If you really need millisecond resolution for first out, you really need to be doing this in the PLC. I'm more familiar with Wonderware InTouch, but the basic setup is the same. You have a device driver/IO Server that polls the PLC for data and all of that data comes into the HMI at the same time.

There is no way at that point to see which of those alarms came in first on any one scan. I know that Modicon (the brand I work with most) has a loadable alarm function that will log alarms to that resolution and will do first out.

And if you have multiple PLCs and more than one PC, don't even get me started on the system clock. You need a well thought out time sync plan to keep all of the clocks involved from drifting apart. Modicon has a GPS module for the Compact PLCs that will keep a PLC's hardware clock accurate. The other way would be to set up a time server connected to the Internet, but connecting your control network to the Internet is not recommended.

Mayur Agravat

Instead of using VBA supplied by the Rockwell in RSView32 u can create a Database object using ADO (ActiveX Data Object) in MS visual Basic, u directly access the Alarmlog database (.dbf) files because internal storage of time stamp is
Hour: minutes : seconds : and miliseconds:

If u got my point then ok, otherwise write me off-list

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