Getting InTouch7 Talking to Intellution Fix Ver6


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James Charters

We are an InTouch plant but have a couple of stray Fix systems lurking about.

I have a requirement to pull information from the fix scada and to display it on an INtouch scada. I assume that the best way is using DDE but I am having no joy at the moment. I have got excel talking to Fix and Intouch however.

HELP !!!!!

Steve Joanis

If you can get the Fix machines to communicate to Intouch (or excel) via DDE then where is your problem?

If your problem is the network I never recommend NetDDE. If you can, run an intouch application as a tagserver on the same machine as Fix, then remotely reference the points from there.

Also, you may be able to communicate directly with the Fix IO servers.