Global variables in script editor FL7.0

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Thijs van Amersfoort


I try to use global variables in the script editor. I read in the cypress manual that you must declare the Dim outside the procedure. When i do this i can use the global in the same mimic but not in other mimics. Why ?

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Visibility of a variable declared out of a procedure is limited to the corresponding
module. "Public" key word is not properly managed by Enable. Microsoft VBA will support this

Raimund Pittl


Try this: In your script editor you can see on the left side a tale, there are a listing of all your objects and mimics. You can also see the entry "theseVariables" click with the right mouse on it and then on EDIT. It comes a new table and there you must declare your open variables.
This will open a table, in this table you can declare all public variables. If you want to grab this variables in VB scripts you must use following sytax:

TheseVariables("Variable Name").Value

If you want to see on this Variable on 1 sec trigger, you must:
Double Click on the "These Variables as Variabes" then it will open a new script on the top you can see two listboxes on the left
you can change the object and on the right you can change the event.
Click now on the left and scrol up until you can see "General" click on it.
This will open a new script with the name (General) in this script you must programm all subroutines that you want to refresh (1 sec trigger)
or that you want to change (1sec trigger) whithout activate a drawing.

I hope you understnd me because my english is not so good.
I think when you see it you will understand.

Raimund Pittl