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Jody Gallant

Hi. I work for a communication company and have a college background in PLC programming. We have been doing several "small" projects for the local municipality with their control systems. I have the training background, but am still working on the practical experience part.

I was just wondering if anyone could suggest a good source for programming examples. I have such a thing for C programming. It contains efficient snippits of code, that have been refined and are basically "standard" ways of doing certain tasks. This way, it avoids everyone reinventing the wheel, and helps reduce the number of bugs that occur with any new programs. I realize that ladder logic, is not as "modular" as C programming. However, there still must be something out there.

Thanks in advance
Jody Gallant CET
Hello Jody-
I too was looking for a reference such as you have mentioned. I found a book entitled "Programmable Logic Controllers- An Introduction" by W. Bolton to be a pretty good starting point. It contains some very basic fundamental stuff, but it also references PLC code for AB, Siemens and Fanuc PLCs with some examples. I think I got it on the web at Amazon or Borders.

Peter Arthur
Emerson Drive Solutions

try which is hosted by It is just what you are asking for, although we are trying to get more submissions. If you have anything that you can put in, please do. There are instructions on the site.

To the others, I would remind everyone that this is something that others in the industry would find very useful, and would encourage everyone to add to the archive.


--Joe Jansen