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Jiri Baum


Apparently, over on the Automation list, it's been observed that the PuffinPLC front page isn't really clear on the GPL status of the project,
causing some concern in the wider community.

Looking at the front page, it *isn't* really clear on it, and neither is the FAQ. Perhaps we should:

- make the words "open source" on the front page a link to a page
saying that we are using the GPL and explaining it a bit (perhaps
use a piece from the ELJ article).

- move the stuff currently in section 1 of the FAQ into section 6
and re-designate section 1 as Intro to PuffinPLC, talking about
the aims of the project etc, including the GPL.


Jiri Baum <[email protected]>
"In my opinion, the GPL is optimized to build a strong software community at the expense of a strong commercial software business model."
--Craig Mundie, Senior VP, Microsoft; 17 May 2001

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Curt Wuollet

Hi all

I clarified that a bit as did Ken, but yes we should make things crystal clear. The list discussion didn't bother me as much as Modicon's statement that was "driving" the project. They contribute to be sure, but some
people just can't grasp a project without a company name attached so they grab Ken's. And please, do be sure to GPL your code before it hits the cvs.



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