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Markus Whitmer

Need to know how to interface a GPS unit to a Allen Bradley PLC 5/04. The application is control a radial stacker at a rock quary plant.
The stacker moves on 180 degree arc with a distance of 250 feet.

I am not a programmer but I think you should read about the BASIC module for SLC 500. It has several type serial ports to read data. I think if you had your gps interfaced to a pc then processing the data then writing to a BASIC module it may do what you want. This stuff is way over my head but I have seen machines operated by data received thru Basic modules. It may not be what you need for your application. But I think you should check with someone who knows how to set up a Basic module in a SLC 500.
Amateur Radio Operators (Ham Radio Operators) have developed a system called "APRS", also known as Automatic Position Reporting System.

They use GPS receivers connected via a computer to transmit positional data over HF and VHF radio frequencies.

A fair bit of software has been developed to interface with various GPS receivers. Although intended for interface with IBM PC, other hardware is being developed to eliminate the IBM PC to allow direct interface between GPS and a radio transceiver.

You can find out more about APRS, and thus GPS interfacing at, or at

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