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I am about to start my last year of studies towards a BS in Mechanical Engineering, and I was thinkng about applying to a few good grad schools. Does anyone have any suggestions for schools with excellent control systems programs? I would really appreciate answers from an industrial standpoint as well... where companies go to look for students with grad degrees in control engineering. Thank you!
I would recommend Penn State University in State College, PA. Take a mix of mech engineering and elect engineering courses there, esp pick up a robotics course or two. As far as the industry goes, the more broad your background, the more jobs you will be able to fulfill. Penn State has a pragmatic approach to controls instead of theoretical, which is important. Theory doesn't put food on the table!

I got my MS from Penn State and it has never done me wrong. Good luck, and try to stay out of the market for a couple years, the controls market is completely smashed right now. Hopefully it will be back in a couple years.
_The_ expert on this subject is Dr. Gerry Cockrell at Indiana. Email me privately and I'll give you his email address. He is even designing a "distance learning" course for Control Engineering.

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I would recommend Cornell University, Georgia Tech, or NC State. All three are very well respected and in the case of NC State or Georgia Tech, they offer classes on a part-time basis so that you can pursue your degree while working full-time.

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Diana C Bouchard

Don't know if you'd consider Canada, but there is a well-known M.Eng. program in the Chemical Engineering department at McMaster University in
Hamilton, Ontario, which seems to have substantial control content. In particular, Dr. McGregor from that program is world renowned. Check them out at:

Diana Bouchard

Rocco F. Dominick

One of the top rated engineering colleges in the US is Rose Hulmann Institute of Technology located in Terre Haute, In. Two of my sons attended and graduated from RHIT. I know they feel they received an excellent education. The enrollment is limited.

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Rocco F. Dominick

Mike Johnson

Are there any Universities that offer a Masters in Chemical Engineering that will offers the course work in a non-campus environment like the
Internet or Video tapes?

Jun S. Lincallo

Hi Walt;

Would you give me also the contact person who is providing distant course for control engineering.


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