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Hi everybody,

I am looking for programs to write and simulate if it is possible GRAFCET charts, I have found a french program called WINGRAFCET as a demo program, I think that it can be suitable for me, but I don't know where I can buy the whole program.

On the other hand, I am looking for a Electrical CAD program I have seen EPLAN, Ecad Plus and ELCAD, which is the best in your opinion ?

Thank you in advance.......

Regards from Spain .............


You can get a demo CD from CJ International ( that has all the 1131-3 languages. The demo lets you do everything (I think only the number of I/Os is limited).

They have documentation available in Spanish.

Willy Smith
As far as Grafcet editors go, have a look at CADEPA from Famic, this program will allow you to edit the SFC, simulated it's operation and then translate it to PLC code for download to your favourite PLC.

I have also seen grafcet tools for Visio, available on the .net but only in French.

I am familiar with ELCAD and ElproCAD.

Many of these Electrical CAD programs are add-ons for AutoCAD (including RS-Wire), I have never seen anyone use them to there full potential and in some cases have seen people revert to vanilla AutoCAD to maintain compatiblity.

I couldn't tell you which one was best, it depends on what you want it for.

As a general purpose draughting package I use TurboCAD, you could also consider Visio Technical. As I say it depends on what you want the package

Fidel Sanchez

I've been working with EDSA. This software has an AutoCAD interface, so you
can draw in AutoCAD and load the file from EDSA to simulate it. EDSA has
it's own drawing tools as well.


Fidel Sanchez

Pascal St-Pierre

Hi I am a student from Montreal,

I was just passing by, searching a disk key for Logic5 or Winview From Rs software and saw you were in need of GRAFCET. Well here it is, it s in french but it s more than nothing. Just unzip the file in a directory and it s ready to use.

Pascal St-Pierre

In my company we worked with CAD EDSA in very good. I need to have it in my house for my particular works, you know of some free version or that can be used, the one that I have it has a HardLock key. Thanks if you can give me some idea.


Allan Behrens

Get yourself a trial version of E3.Series from . It's got a great COM API, and a bi-directional open interface. You can try all the COM features of the full product in the demo code.

David Yourhanson

Hello, I am a student in Lathrop , CA
I wish to learn programs that integrate plc and have the ability to facilitate simulations...
Dave, California..