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Jim Tompkins

I am looking for a graphical editor or active-x based MMI package that I can use in conjunction with Visual Basic and/or Visual C++. I am using
VB to write custom front ends . Typically, An MMIC/SCADA developing package like Wonderware, RSView, or Cimplicity would be used; however, our applications demand more functionality (socket streaming, comm port control, database access, etc), less overhead, and no cumbersome tagname
and activation/liscencing limitations (NO KEYS PLEASE!).

The biggest drawback to using VB has been creating graphic displays/layouts of our equipment. The VB IDE only supports a few type
of graphic elements (lines, circles, rectangles). I need to show a simple equipment layout (in lines, arcs, polygons) and be able to
programatically change the attributes (color and visibility) of these elements or groups of elements individually to provide the user feedback
on the status of the equipment. Also, we do all of our layouts in Autocad, so being able to import dxf would be a BIG plus.

I have already found a package that comes close;
activeSHAPES by M&M Software GmbH:

Does everything mentioned above; however, M&M has no plans on developing/supporting the software past it's current version. I would still buy it, but the editor caused entities to chage dimension after zooming in or out.

Thank You

Jim Tompkins
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Try Visio from Microsoft. I don't know if it will work for you but its worth a look. There is an extensive shaped library.
Write your own user controls in VB. When I need something like that, I just write it. Keypads, confimation boxes, LED's, switches ect... It
usually takes less than an hour and can be reused in other apps.. Third party controls and graphics are usually lacking something anyway..
Try symbol factory. i forgotten the url, but i think u can easily find out from searcg engine.


David Wooden

IOComp instrunentation controls, "": , gives you a pretty complete set of controls to work with. To bring in Autocad file you can use Visio.


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Jeremy Pollard

Jim, I am reviewing a set of Active X components from Software Toolbox. No done yet, but will have a good idea in a couple of weeks.
"": is a place to start

Review will be in "":
in a wee bit:)::

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Jim Tompkins

I agree with you; however, I am not looking for Keypads, LED's, etc. I want to build a layout (mostly conveyor systems) that incorporates animated objects (changes in color, linetype, movement, etc) that I can control in VB code.

For the benefit of anyone on the list that is interested:
I have spend a great deal of time searching on the internet for an editor of some type that will allow me to do this. I have recently found several candidates. Suprisingly, I found these links on websites that deal mostly with Java and HTML. Here are my findings:

GenLogic Glg Toolkit:

SL Corporation - SL-GMSDraw Dynamic Graphic Editor:

Iconics - GraphWorX32:

Each of these have the following features:

Common graphics editor for building dynamic graphic screens, very similar to to the editors used in Wonderware and RSView. The files that these editors create can then be run (deployed) within Active-X, MFC (Visual C++), or Java environments, depending on which deployment/viewer options that have been purchased. Animation to these run-times is then accomplished in code in there respective environments. In addition, I believe all of these support more than (1) operating system (BTW: My understanding is that Java is not OS dependant). Iconics even has a Pocket PC option.

I am currently evaluating the GenLogix Clg Toolkit, as GenLogic has a fully functioning trial version editor available for downloading, and has listed there pricing on there website (very reasonably). I am hoping on evaluating the other two in the beginning of the week and making a decision. I should be receiving a trial for SL on Monday, and I have not contacted Iconics yet.::

Jim Tompkins
KG Moats and Sons
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James Ingraham

This is right up Parijat Controlware's alley.
These guys have a SCADA/HMI toolset for VB. I've never used them directly, but it looked pretty good when I was checking it out.

Sage Automation, Inc.
Have you considered National Instruments LabViewRT with their Fieldpoint devices? Their software supports Active-X and is very versatile and can opperate on a Windows 2000 or XP OS (as well as several others.

Go to "":

William Reed
Denver, CO
Have you looked at Siemens ProTool/Pro V6.0 just realeased this week? It allows for 50 VB scripts 100 lines each.

James Tillett

Have you looked at LabVIEW from National Instruments? It is a graphical programming environment that creates compiled code but the code is built by essentially drawing a flowchart of your program. It has an add-on package
called the Datalogging & Supervisory Control module (DSC) that provides standard MMI functionality. I have used it for many applications, some MMI & other data acquisition, test, & measurement, and am very pleased with it. You can find more at "": .

James Tillett
Bonneville Power Administration
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Iconics Genesis32 SCADA software is a fully functional MMI package that uses Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) as a scripting language. Included with Genesis 32 is a product called
Scriptworx which allows you to trigger your VBA code periodically or based on events that occur in your control system.
You can get more info a ""