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I have an old Graysoft program, that I'm looking to convert to either Modsoft or ProWorx Plus. I don't have any experience with Modicon controllers or software, and I'm having trouble. Is ProWorx Plus able to open a Graysoft program? Or will I have to do some sort of export/import routine to get the code across.

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The Modicon website has programs to convert to Modsoft and YES Proworks NxT has a convert program also. I don't know if they are compatible with your "old" version of software.
The website you need is

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I think that the easiest thing to do would be to connect to the controller using your new software and upload the PLC program. Then export the database from Graysoft, massage it to fit the import format of your new software, and import the descriptors into the new software.

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Actually a company in Wisconsin called Fast-Trak has a less expensive solution than Proworks. Proworks NXT has several bugs it in and Modsoft is not being updated for new controllers anymore by Modicon. Chris Schaefer from Fasttrak can help you. Importing the Graysoft is pretty easier in Fasttrak since Fasttrak is the new version of Graysoft. The two companies merged or something to that effect. I use FT exclusively in my plant for Modicon controllers. It isn't the best piece of software you have every used but it does seem to work better than the others.